Interview with Matthew Clark

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Interview with Matthew Clark

Comic artist Matthew Clark talks about the Harbinger #6 variant cover he did for Valiant Entertainment.
Featuring preliminary art, digital layouts, future projects? ...and a look at the creative process!


Hi Matthew,
How are ya? Thanks for taking time to answer some questions for ya for my Valiant site:
I'm doing well.  Drawing ...lots of drawingEnjoying the summer.
You did the variant cover for Valiant Entertainment's Harbinger #6 which comes out November 21,2012.
How did you get the gig to do the cover? 

I emailed Warren Simons after reading issue one of X-O and reading all the good press on the comic news groups about the books.  Just dropped him a line congratulating him and his company and creators.  We met at NYCC in 2011 gave me his business card, emailed him and others when i got back to give them my email and touch base. Smash cut to June 28th email sent to him said thanks and asked should i ever have a gap in my schedule to let him know.  said I'm looking for work . asked for phone number and bam.  cover and other stuff.

Were you familiar with any of the original Valiant Comics from the 90's? Any favorites?
I few issues here and there not regularly I was really poor back then and could only get 2 books a week I had a few Solar and Archer and Armstrong  for Barry Smith
The "Summer of Valiant" by all accounts seems like a hit with impressive orders, favorable reviews and talented creators & staff.  
Have you been following the line or any of the new books? 
Since I'm doing work for them I'm picking up issues to keep up.  Just in case  I'm asked about helping out  its good to have this stuff on hand.
A few fans noticed your cover to Harbinger #6 has some resemblances to the original Harbinger #6...was that an intentional homage?
I think in the end it did, but as i showed you it had several different permutations all were good...well some were good.  Warren my have led me down there on purpose he's tricky that way as it may have sparked something that reminded him.
I really like the preliminary sketches you did to prepare for the assignment. It looks like you do both traditional art and digital. 
Can you tell me how your creative process works and how you combine the two?
for those it had to do with location, the earlier ones i was at a coffee shop and had my sketch book and markers, when the next set i was at my studio and could tweak things on the computer.  when we were closing in we had the figure that we liked so then it was cutting and pasting into different versions and flopping it a few times.  when we would do that it became easiter to fix in Photoshop and drawing them on the Cintq sped up the process. Now depending on deadlines I will ink on computer or fill in blacks to save time, all my edits are done on the digital version and white paint effects are do here too.  Sometimes after editing the pencils I will print in blueline and ink that instead.  With the original I may have done a few to many tweaks to the pencil page on the computer and easier to just print it out that way the ink line is consistant
What kind of drawing or software tools do you use?
Standard stuff a lot of blue pencils for the layout stage on a at printed size template this helps keep it readable. Copic markers and tech-liners to tighten up the layout for scanning and turning my scratchy lines to one suggested line.  Blow up layout and gather reference adjust figures in Photoshop tweak composition. Print out on vellum at standard comic book size.  Light box work begins transfer lightly with lead holder pencil until page is complete then draw draw draw, fixing mistakes and making final adjustments. page done hopefully in 8 to 10 hours.  Mind you that's not start to finish.  I break down a book first before even touching a pageThat way i keep in certain work modes. 
Any other Valiant projects lined up?
Yep, but those are on the qt....sorry
Do you have a website, do commissions or have a preferred way that fans can get in touch with you?
I can be found on most social media, Facebook and Twitter mainly.  My website is and you can email me at
I do take commissions from time to time usually before a show that I'm attending.  My NYCC list is now open. 
Thanks a lot!
totally welcome